Meet Richard Coffie

He is our Sales Executive at Cyberteq Ghana. He who works with CEOs, CISOs & IT Managers to understand and meet their Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation requirements.

Richard, how did you get fascinated by technology?

Ever since I got my first personal computer, I have had a deep fascination of the endless possibilities technology offers. To be part of a technology led business like Cyberteq is a dream come true.

How are your work days spent?

Every day starts with taking time to plan my day and visualize what I want to achieve before work closes. Mornings are used for exploring new opportunities and creating new connections, whereas the afternoons are for meeting clients.

Are there any projects that you are extra proud of?

I am most proud of the volunteering projects I have worked on. These projects have mainly focused on helping SMEs grow and make an impact in their communities and teaching IT skills to children in disadvantaged communities.

What is the biggest value you bring together with your team for your customers?

My desire to go above and beyond in exceeding customer expectations. Working with a team of highly dedicated professionals, we work to provide the right solutions to our clients.

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